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There are a lot of website builders and companies to pick from for the building of your website. Some may offer to build your entire website for you, while others are there to make your website with minimal help. The building or redesigning of a website can seem hard and cost a lot of money for those that are not used to doing so, and that is why we are here to help make it easy and cost less. As a small start-up company, we use the Wix platform to build our product and client websites, including the website you are currently on. Our prices are what we charge for our services. Any extra charges will be explained during a free consultation upon request. No job is too small for us. If we feel what you are asking for is too much for us to handle, we will let you know before any payments are made. We are here to help you first, not to make money. For more examples of the websites we have built, please look at the Products page and customer pages when it is finished. Again, these prices do not include Wix's fees for the domains, hosting, or managing your websites. 

Small Website (1-3 Pages)


​Small websites are used to show small or straightforward ideas that can be shown simply online. Price includes 1 free redesign if scheduled within 3 months after being finished.

  • Portfolio

  • Resume

  • Fundraising

  • Digital Gallery

  • New Product, Idea, or Store

Website Redesign

Starting at $100

​If the small or medium page is made by us the first redesign scheduled within 3 months is free. Change up the theme, layout, and many things at a price decided after consultation. 

  • Redesign

Medium Website (4-9 pages)


A perfect mix between Small and Large Medium websites can be used to show a decent-sized idea. From a single product store or get bookings online while showcasing your idea, this size will work out just fine. ​Price includes 1 free redesign if scheduled within 3 months after finished.

  • Small Online Store

  • Bookings

  • Small Catalog

Hourly Rate


​Need maintenance done or want to add more to a page? We got you. Change a thing or 2 to your site? Not a problem. We have hourly rates to make the process simple.

  • Updates

  • Maintenance

Large Website (10+ pages)

Starting at $650

​Do you have a large store or catalog? Want to build the next big thing or have a lot of different data sets that need to be on the site then this is for you. Easily showcase your entire idea from start to finish with page transition, media, and blogs.

  • Large Store 

  • Large Catalog

  • Client interaction

  • Class scheduling

Per Page Rate


​Do you need an extra page added to your site?  Your idea grew bigger than your site? No worries. We offer you a per-page cost for simple things being added. 

  • Updates

  • Add-ons

We Also Help Out With

Let us help you get recognized as soon as your site is clicked on. With catchy visuals, keyword phrases, and snap-to animations, we will make your brand blossom together.

Why have a boring website that only tells the simple things about your business when you can have one that tells the story of your business from the very beginning to the end?

Call or email our web designers exactly what it s that you are looking for and watch us bring it to life. Our web designers have years of experience under their belt and live to make your ideas a reality. 

Unsure of what to do next? Too many ideas sitting around? Let us help put your ideas in order and get everything moving in the right direction. 

Brand Identity




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